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Four Weddings and a Funeral

1.1 Personal opinion: I think it is a very romantic and fun comedy.It makes us see the love .It also makes us laugh a lot...It also makes us sad.It teaches important values​​. Overall I liked it and recommend it to all kinds of audiences.

1.2 The characters: 
-Charles is attractive and unmarried; he's had many girlfriends but he can't find the right woman.
-Carrie is a beautiful American woman who's had many boyfriends.
-Scarlett shares a flat with Charles; she's not his girlfriend and she's looking for the right man.
-Fiona is clever and elegant, unlike her brother. She hasn't got a boyfriend; she's in love with someone who doesn't love her.
-Tom is Fiona's brother; he's a rich but not very clever friend of Charles; no girlfriend, but he's looking for love.
-Henrietta is an old girlfriend of Charles and still wants to marry him; people call her "Duck Fae" behind her back.
-Gareth is a loud and lively friend of Charles; he enjoys his food and drink and lives with his boyfriend Matthew.
-Matthew is quiter than Gareth, and kind and intelligent. He and Gareth have been together a long time.
-John is Henrietta's brother; he's very boring.
-David is Carles's younger brother; he's deaf, and he and Charles communicate by sign language.
-Serena is an affectionate young woman; she learns sing language so she can talk to David.
-Bernard is Tom's best friend. He likes Lydia.
-Lydia is Laura's bridesmaid at the first wedding. She's not interested in Bernard at first. 

1.3 Here are some SUMMARIES attached of the novel Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Chapter 1: Charles is best man at Angus and Laura’s wedding. Charles and his roommate Scarlett arrive just in time for the wedding. Charles realizes he has forgotten the wedding ring he was supposed to bring for the bridegroom. At the wedding, an American woman named Carrie catches Charles’s attention. At the wedding reception, Charles and his friends talk together and meet others. Charles talks briefly to Carrie, but it is an awkward conversation. As best man, Charles gives a funny speech. He also congratulates the couple on getting married, a step he says he cannot take.After the wedding, Charles and his friends are invited to stay at a nearby castle which is owned by the family of Tom and Fiona. Carrie tells Charles that she is staying at a local pub. Charles begins the trip to the castle but then he decides to make his way back to the pub where he meets Carrie. She istrying to hide from George, a boring guest from the wedding. Carrie and Charles end up spending the night together. Carrie leaves the next morning for the United States. Charles is left to think about her.

Chapter 2: Charles and Scarlett are late again for another wedding. This time, Scarlett is the bridesmaid. Lydia and Bernard, who met at the previous wedding, are getting married. Charles is wondering about love and marriage and talks it over with friends. Charles is pleased to see Carrie at the wedding, but is shocked and disappointed to be introduced to her fianc√©, Hamish. Charles wonders why he is always attending weddings and never getting married. At the reception dinner, Charles finds himself seated at a table with four old girlfriends who exchange stories about him. To make things worse, he meets Henrietta, another old girlfriend, who is upset with him. Charles then finds himself trapped in a room with the bride and groom and then has another unpleasant encounter with Henrietta. Immediately after this, he meets Carrie who invites him to her place. They spend the night together again. Charles leaves in silence the next morning.

Chapter 3: Charles is enjoying a Saturday without a wedding when he opens an envelope and finds an invitation to Carrie’s wedding. Before meeting his brother, Charles goes to a shop that is listed on the invitation as a place to go for wedding gifts. Charles meets Carrie there and she asks him to help her choose a wedding gown. They have an interesting discussion about relationships and then Charles races off to meet his brother. In a very awkward way, Charles tries to tell Carrie that he loves her. Carrie tells him he is sweet and walks away.

Chapter 4: Charles arrives late to the wedding of Carrie and Hamish. Gareth tells the group of friends he’d like to attend one of their weddings in the future and asks them to try to find true love. Charles again meets Henrietta who tells him she is happy and involved with someone else. Fiona sees that Charles like Carrie. Fiona tells Charles that she has always loved him. In the midst of the wedding speeches, Gareth collapses and dies.

Chapter 5: Everyone arrives for Gareth’s funeral and listens as Matthew (Gareth’s long-time partner) talks about their friend. After the funeral, Tom and Charles discuss how Gareth and Matthew were right for each other. Charles wonders if he should forget about getting married if he can’t find someone who is just right. Tom says he’s not looking for ‘thunder and lightning’ but just a nice girl he can be happy with.

Chapter 6: Charles has a final gathering with his friends before his own wedding to Henrietta that day. While waiting for the wedding to begin, Scarlett meets an American friend that she met earlier and Tom is attracted to a distant cousin. Just prior to the wedding, Charles sees Carrie who tells him that she and Hamish have left each other. Now Charles has second thoughts about his upcoming marriage to Henrietta, and talks with Matthew and David. He decides to go ahead with the marriage. However, the ceremony is disrupted by David who says (through sign language translated by Charles) that he suspects that Charles loves another woman. Charles admits to this and is attacked by Henrietta. The wedding of Charles and Henrietta doesn’t happen. Later at home, Carrie comes to visit Charles. They realize they want to be together, even if they don’t get married. Looking to the future, we see that the group of friends are all happy in their situations and that Carrie and Charles have a child.

1.4 Vocabulary:(15)
Aisle:a longitudinal division of an interior area, as in a church, separated from the main area by anarcade or the like.
Best man:  the man who helps the bridegroom on his wedding day.
Rusty: covered with or affected by rust.
Bridesmaid: a young woman who attends the bride at a wedding ceremony.
Coffin: the box or case in which the body of a dead person is placed for burial; casket.
Maid:a female servant.
Bridegroom: a newly married man or a man about to be married.
Noon: 12 pm.
Nod: to move you rhead up and down to mean 'yes'.
Gloomy: dark or dim; deeply shaded: gloomy skies.
Self-conscious: worried about what you look like or what other people think of you.
Stag party: a party given a bachelor by his male friends before his marriage, often on the night before the wedding,ranging from a formal gathering to a night of carousing.
Hen party: a party or gathering for women only.
Honeymoon couple: "parella de recent casats"
Honeymoon: a vacation or trip taken by a newly married couple.


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