Wednesday, 24 April 2013


What do the English like doing?Hobbies like repairing or decorating your home. Fishing in rivers is a common activity too. Shopping and going to nightclubs are hobbies very famous. People prefer foreign holidays because it is often cheaper to go abroad.

What is there to eat in England?Most English people eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, elevenses, tea and supper. Some fantastic dishes in England are:Fish and chips (white fish fried in batter). It is eaten with a kind of purée made from green peas. Roast diner (roast meat, lamb or beef with roast potatoes and lots of vegetables).Stilton cheese (blue cheese with a very strong taste). English cakes and biscuits are popular too. A cream tea is usually eaten in the afternoon. The traditional breakfast includes sausages, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, fried eggs, fried bread and a cup of strong tea.

Sport:Football, rowing, horse-racing, tennis, rugby and cricket are the most famous sports in England.England people say that they’ve invented football. The bests teams in England are: Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool. Cricket is played by many English-speaking nations.

Celebrations:The most important festivals for the English Christmas and Easter are. Most English children look forward to Fireworks’ Night on 5th November. Another date is April Fool’s Day, on 1st of April. On this day, people are allowed to play jokes on other people.

Music:English pop and rock music is popular all over the world. From the Rolling Stones and the Beatles to Coldplay, it has developed over the years and is still developing.

Iconic Places: Stonehenge and Hardian’s Wall are examples of this. The most famous castle is the Tower of London. England also has many famous cathedrals like Canterbury Cathedral, York Minister, Salisbury and Lincoln Cathedrals.Members of Royal family get married in Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s in London. There are also many great houses in England, such as Chatsworth House and Blenheim Palace. Liverpool is a port city which is also world-famous. People speak with a strong local accent and have a reputation for being warm, creative and strong. The Lake District is one of the most attractive landscapes in the United Kingdom. In Newquay you can enjoy surfing.

Iconic People:The most famous people in England are, for example, Queen Elizabeth I, Shakespeare, Isaac Newton, Dickens, Darwin and Winston Churchill. Princess Diana was, the wife of Prince Charles, died in a car crash in Paris in 1997. John Lennon wrote most of the songs of the Beatles. Margaret Thatcher was the first woman to become Primer Minister of the UK. Some people supported her, but she had haters. David Beckham is probably the most famous. He married one of the Spice Girls. In England, there are a lot of questions without answers, for example, will the Royal Family stay forever?

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