Wednesday, 24 April 2013

The British Isles Quiz:


1.What is the name of the sea on the east coast of Great Britain?
The North Sea

2.What is the tallest mountain in the UK?
Ben Nevis

3.What natural feature was formed by volcanic action?
The Gian'ts Causeway (Ireland)

4.In which country is the Lake District?

5.Which UK islands are closer to France than to England?
The Channel Islands: Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney and Sark.

6. In which country is Snowdonia?

7.What is the second largest city in Wales?

8.Where are the Lakes of Killarney?

  1. When is Guy Fawkes Night?
    On 5th November in England

    2.Where would you see someone tossing the caber?
    In Scotland on the Highland Games

    3.What is Geordie?
    A England dialect

    4.According to a legend, what did St.Patrick remove from Ireland?
    The wild snakes

    5.Which flower is the national symbol of Wales?
    The Daffodil and the leek

    6. What is the English translation of "Shwmae"?
    How are you.

    7.What is the national song of Wales?
    Land of my Fathers

    8.Who celebrates Hogmanay and when?
    The scotish people,  31th December

    1. The last English king who was killed in battle: Richard III

    2.The English king who had six wives? Henry VIII

    3.The man who tried to kill King James? Guy Fawkes

    4.The first Primer Minister to live at 10 Downing Street? Robert Walpole

    5.The owner of a dog called Gallert? Llewellyn's

    6. The Scottish leader who learnt a lesson from a spider? Robert the Bruce

    7. The national saints of England, Wales and Scotland? E: St.George, S:
    St.Andrew W: St.David

    8.The first female Irish President? Mary Robinson


    The cathedral where Thomas Becker was killed? Canterbury (England)

    The Abbey Theatre? Ireland
    The Scottish Parliament? Edinburgh
    A stone that people come to kiss? Ireland
    The Tynwald? The isle of Man
    The Book of Kells? Trinity Collage ( Dublin, Ireland)

    Hadrian's Wall? England
    The 2008 European Capital of culture? Liverpool


    1.Was called the Celtic Tiger? Ireland

    2.Experienced “The Troubles”? Ireland

    3.Fought with England during the Hundred Years War? France

    4.Is now the home of the writer of Harry Potter? Scotland

    5.Had a queen called Mary who was beheaded in England? Scotland

    6.Sent a fleet of ships to invade England? Spain

    7.Fought a War of Independence against England in 1857? India

    8.In the United Kingdom does not have its flag as part of the Union Flag? Wales

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