Monday, 6 May 2013

Speaking Unit 9:How to explain and clarify a situation

Arnau: Hi guys, How was your party?
Pau: Hi Arnau
Francesc: Not bad, thanks. Why do you ask?
Albert: Yes...
Arnau: Because you told me that you were staying in on Saturday
Pau: Who told you that?
Francesc: JĂșlia said that she'd seen you. How come you didn't tell me about it?
Albert: 'Cause I was only there for a few hours. My sister asked me to take my brother.
Arnau: Are you telling me the truth, Francesc?
Pau: Honestly, is it true?
Francesc: Yes,nigga.

Arnau: OK, OK: I believe you. Sorry, Albert.
Pau: That's OK. 

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