Tuesday, 26 February 2013

British Isles

1)Where can you sometimes see Darwin's face?
You can see his face on courthouse wall or in the stamps outside the Royal Family or in the 10 pound notes.

2)Which city was named after Darwin? Where is it?
Is in the North Australia.

3)Who was Jenny?
The first ape Darwin saw was an orang-utan named Jenny at London zoo.

4) Did he write his first scientific paper about biology?
No he didn't. He wrote it about geology.
5) What percentage of British people belive in evolution?
50% of the population belived in evolution.

6) Did Darwin write On the Origin of Species for scientists only?
No, he wrote this book for the general public.

7) Did his father expect him to be famous?
No, he didn't expect that.

8) What did Darwin study at university? Was he successful?
He studied medicine but he didn't finishes his degree.

9) What did Darwin do with his specimen of the lesser rhea?
He ate his specimen of the lesser rhea.

10) Which islands did he explore?
He explore the Galapagos islands.

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