Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Speaking Unit 7: apologize for a misunderstanding

Security Guard 1 ( Arnau) : Excuse me. Can i have a word with you?
Albert: Yes. Is there a problem?
Pau: What hapen?
Security Guard 2 ( Francesc): We're afraid so. Did you know that this is private property?
Albert: No, we didn't.
Security Guard 1 (Arnau): Didn't you see the sign?
Pau: No, we're afraid not.
Security Guard 2 (Francesc):  Have you been here before to rollerblader?
Albert: No, we live out of town, in SerinyĆ .
Security Guard 1 (Arnau):  Well, if I were you, I'd look for a different place, you can go to Porqueres Skate Park.
Pau: Ok. Sorry about that. I didn't realize.
Security Guard 2 ( Francesc): That's Ok. Remember for next time.

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