Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Speaking Unit 8: How to console and encourage

Arnau: Hey Albert, you look a bit down. What's the matter?

Albert: Oh, I've just heard that my brother has got a job in London and he's moving away 

 Pau: Hello. Oh, right. Sorry to hear that. It isn't the end of the world though. 

Francesc: Yes, he's right, don't take too badly- at least he won't be very far away and you can visit him. London's a really cool city. 

Albert: I know, but I'm really going to miss him.

Arnau: That's true I suppose.
Pau: Look at it this way - if he hadn't got that job, he'd have been really disappointed
Albert: Yeah, maybe you're right.
Francesc: Cheer up! Come on - let's go to a McDonald's or something
Pau: Yes, let's go to have cheesies!!

Albert: OK. Thanks, Pau. I feel a bit better now

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