Monday, 18 February 2013

Speaking Unit 6: discuss a questionnaire

Albert: Hey John. I'm doing a quetionnarie about identity. Do you want to have a look?
John: OK, go on then. Ask something.
Albert: OK, I'll ask you the interesting ones. Do you express yourself more through your hairstyle, music, sport or your clothes?
John: Er, trough my clothes.
Albert: Yes,me too. Right, do you usually know what music someone likes from the clothes they wear?
John: I think that it's possible but it's very difficult. Not always,no.
Albert: No, me neither. OK. How about this one do you prefer hang out with a group of friends, or alone?
John: I prefer a group.
Albert: Oh , I don't. I prefer to relax on my own.
John: We're a bit different then.
Albert: It looks like it,yes.
John: Yes
Albert: Thank you for your time! Bye, I see you later.
John: Bye Albert! 

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